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The story began in 2010 were preparing to hunt dangerous game, specifically Cape Buffalo in Mozambique. At that time, the most widely accepted set up was heavy bows with heavy arrow and sturdy, heavy, 2 blade Broadhead’s. An arrow weight of 1000 grains was the accepted minimum for dangerous game.

I purchased a 2007, 100 peak draw weight Bowtech tribute. I also purchased premade custom double walled Aluminum arrows and 300 grain two blade broadheads for a total arrow weight 1045. This setup was very hard to tune and even harder to pull and shoot accurately. Unfortunately, the opportunity to shoot a buffalo with archery tackle did not present itself and for a few years the quest was postponed.

In 2018 the search was on again to find the best archery setup for hunting dangerous game. New technology bows were easier to shoot at high draw weights and more efficient to transfer more energy to the arrow and broadhead. Research of the currently available equipment available also found Improvements in broadheads.

The original double wall aluminum arrows were resurrected and utilized again for testing purposes. These arrows were too large in diameter to maximize penetration potential. After several intensive testing session in the newer more efficient heavy bows, these arrows were unreliably bent. New double wall aluminum arrows, double wall aluminum and carbon combination arrows, and then double walled carbon shaft arrows were constructed for test purposes. These combinations all had smaller diameter for maximum penetration and spine stiffness to handle the more efficient heavy draw weight bows. 300 grain field points and broadheads were purchased again for testing purposes. It was during this testing the idea of the telescoping arrow was discovered.

Kanaka Archery has created the most lethal broadheads and archery hunting systems available on the market today.

Kanaka Archery

The next generation of double walled arrows had the insert hot melted or super glued to the outer shaft with the inner shaft “press fit” into the outer shaft. On one occasion while shooting one of these double walled aluminum arrow, it was noticed to have the 300 grain field point and insert missing from the end of the shafts. Interestingly the field point and insert were on the ground between the bag target and the backstop. The next test shaft had a smaller insert hot melted into the inner shaft and the tip of the insert end of the inner shaft hot melted to the outer shaft. After multiple shots the hot melt loosened and as the arrow passed through bag target the inner shaft came free and the field point with the inner shaft became lodged into the wooden backstop. The idea of a telescoping arrow was born.

Research and development was then focused on refining the telescoping arrow. The result of testing and researching has culminated in the current patent pending telescoping arrow design we have today.

Further testing on game animal and then dangerous game animal revealed the telescoping arrows performed better than expected in some situations. On other occasions it worked as a single unit an did not telescope at all. Almost without exception when the arrow did not telescope the entire system would achieve complete penetration and passthrough.



Back again to 2018 and the search for broadheads that provided maximum penetration and lethality. Broadheads on the market had many advances since the search in 2010 but none of the broadheads available provided the combination of ultra-deep penetration, structural integrity, straight tracking, bone breeching ability, and wound channel to quickly and ethically take dangerous game on a consistent basis. A new design of broadhead was needed. Kanaka’s double single bevel patent pending broadhead design was the culmination of the all the required qualities in a single broadhead. The original work of Dr. Ed Ashby were reviewed and these principles were refined. The methods and theories researched and refined. Manufacturing processes, materials selection, and broadhead design were then honed to the pinnacle of broadhead perfection.

The current generation of Kanaka double single bevel broadheads have been extensively tested on all range of game animals, including the largest of dangerous game, and have proven to be the ultimate broadhead for quick ethical dispatch of the animals.