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Kanaka Archery

Archery Like You’ve Never Seen

Kanaka Archery

Archery Like You’ve Never Seen
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Our goal is to increase the lethality of archery tackle for the most consistent, ethical dispatch of game animals. The hope of our leading-edge system is to bring more hunters into the world of bowhunting. Using our products, the usage of lower-poundage, shorter-draw bows for youth, women, or any bowhunter is now adequate for quick and ethical taking of almost any animal on earth.

Our system also opens up opportunities for dangerous game hunting to those who have longed to hunt dangerous game with nothing more than the power of the human body channeled through the proper technology.

Kanaka Broadhead Features

Increased Mass-Momentum

Double-Single Bevel

Improved Tanto Tip

Monolithic Construction

Thickest blades in weight class

Polished and Hard coated

Hardened to 55-58 HRC


Kanaka Arrow Features

Medium and High Modulus Carbon Shafts

Arrow Spine Range 120-800

Steel or aluminum inserts

Internal or External Footers

Straightness of +/-0.001” and Spin Tested concentricity

Permanent Epoxy Assembly of Components

Straight or Right Helical fletched

Kanaka Archery Standards

Structural Integrity

Highest quality carbons and steels available. Engineered to withstand the heaviest impact on the toughest animals.


Created to fit your unique requirements and maximize the FOC for your set up.

Mechanical Advantage

Highest cutting edge length to diameters of any broadheads on the market.

Shaft Diameter

Our double shaft system contains a secondary thin diameter shaft that continues to penetrate when the resistance exceeds the retention threshold.

Blade Finish

Broadhead edges are straight, razor sharp, and provide the least resistance while passing through tissue.

Bevel Design

All blades are single bevel including the secondary bleeder/slitter blades.

Tip Design

Feature refined Tanto tip that is optimized to provide maximum bone breaking with minimal bone deflection.

Maximum Rotation

Double-single bevel design creates a larger wound channel without sacrificing penetration. Rotation with the Tanto tip also shows increased bone splitting ability.

Archery Hunting

Kanaka Archery

Kanaka Archery has created the most lethal broadheads and archery hunting systems available on the market today.


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